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I Am really fawking hawt D:

2009-05-21 07:53:20 by TheWretchedCrow

just uploaded a pic of moi x'D
and just had to say that i am fawking hawt :3
but it´s really true D:

I Am really fawking hawt D:


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2009-05-21 07:55:23

Lets just say this if i were a staight woman you would be towards the middle of my list of good looking. hot keep dreaming.

TheWretchedCrow responds:

naw :3


2009-05-21 08:16:24

lemme guess
you just celebrated 420

TheWretchedCrow responds:

naah i´m just ego D:


2009-05-21 09:44:37

You do look kinda feminine, y'know... :P

TheWretchedCrow responds:

so? :3


2009-06-22 18:43:33

yo mayn wasup homie g dawg u sem lyke a kool gangstah d00d im just chillixin lyke a g shud in his hood cuz im lik pow pow and im g like pimpin fo' realz if u know wat im sayn so ye ima g cuz i got lotas $$$ n gunzs n im a home bro dawg so ye dont mes w me cxuz i gona mess u if u do lol other thn dat pce out g man xD

TheWretchedCrow responds:

say.... whaaaaa? D:


2009-06-23 01:54:06


TheWretchedCrow responds:

ofc :3